Welcome to my life, my rules! I am  Neetu, a Communications Consultant in Toronto, and I have a love for all things that life has to offer (the good and the bad) while trying to make the most of everyday!

I am a true believer that every person should live the life they love, and love the life they live. Spend time and money on experiences rather than things, create memories that will last a lifetime and cherish every moment life brings you!

I started this blog to write about things in my life that matter to me such as my love for traveling and seeing the world, style, wellness (just got a personal trainer finally), cuisines (I love food) and lots more!  I created an 11-page bucket list so I will have lots to share as I knock things off that long list. As I share my stories and experiences, I hope I will be able to inspire you to take a leap of faith, try new things and turn some day into TODAY!

I truly hope you enjoy reading my stories and hope you will share yours too!


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